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Welcome to Construction Lien Consultants

Construction Lien Consultants is a full-service consulting firm that provides dispute resolution services for the construction industry. We specialize in the investigation, mediation, filing, discharge, and recovery of Mechanics’ Liens and construction contract claims.

Construction Lien Consultants is the premier construction-related dispute resolution consulting firm in the New York City metropolitan area. We resolve most construction-related disputes within 30-120 days, and our fees are substantially lower than those typically charged by law firms or collection agencies.

Construction Lien Consultants employs proprietary mediation and alternative dispute resolution techniques that allow us to resolve disputes quickly and to preserve business relationships whenever possible. We resolve the vast majority of our clients’ disputes without resorting to litigation. Construction Lien Consultants has a staff of construction experts, highly experienced mediators, and an in-house attorney who are all dedicated to resolving construction-related disputes expeditiously.

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